Rent a boat in Croatia for the holiday adventure

If you want to get to know the long, interesting Adriatic coast during your holidays, you can rent a boat in Croatia. Dalmatia is not yet as crowded as the other Croatian hotspots. In Dubrovnik, which is not called the “Pearl of the Adriatic” for nothing, you are rarely alone.
Life in Rijeka is also loud and colourful. But, if you rent a motorboat and go exploring in Croatia, you can feel free and relaxed on the sea! So rent boats, discover Croatia and – ship ahoy!

Rent a boat in Croatia & sail to the most beautiful coastal resorts

If you and your friends rent boats to discover Croatia, don’t miss Zadar! Zadar in the heart of the Adriatic is simply beautiful! A historic city wall surrounds this cultural treasure trove, but it is also home to the first sea organ and the installation Sun Salutation.
The centre of shipping in Croatia has ferry connections to the northern and southern Adriatic coast. Renting a boat in Croatia also means reaching the wonderful bathing bays with sunshine and crystal clear water from everywhere. To swim and dive there, it is worth hiring a boat and discovering Croatia.

Rent a fast motorboat – Croatia adventure for the whole family

The Adriatic coast is richly indented, with many islands and untouched nature. The Sibenik and Zadar Riviera welcomes you and your loved ones! To spend an unforgettable holiday here, rent boats and go exploring in Croatia. It will take you everywhere, even to the natural harbour of Sibenik. Sibenik is located in the north of Dalmatia, where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea.
There is a beautifully situated marina here with plenty of comfort for your whole family. Renting a boat in Croatia also means getting friendly and expert service for your means of transport. Finally, you can spend your free time together with your loved ones. Rent a boat together and a long-cherished holiday dream finally comes true!

Rent boats in Croatia – for your discoveries

Renting boats to explore Croatia also offers the opportunity to take a look around Sibenik. This town has a chequered history and was first mentioned in a document in 1066. Sibenik has a rich cultural heritage, such as the St. Jacob’s Cathedral, which is protected by UNESCO. There are many interesting things for everyone to discover in the small winding streets of the old town.
Wherever you are, there is always something new to explore when you rent a boat in Croatia. Six kilometres from the centre of Sibenik, Bilice is situated in a bay on the Prokljan River. The quiet place is ideal for swimming on idyllic beaches, in the immediate vicinity of the Krka National Park. Here, too, there is the possibility of renting a motorboat to get to know the beautiful atmosphere in Croatia. Vodice, the former fishing village 13 kilometres from Sibenik, is a lively holiday resort with colourful harbour life and a market. From Bilice you can head for the most beautiful coastal resorts in Dalmatia! Murter, Biograd and Vodice are the closest places to go if you want to rent a boat.

Rent a boat to learn to love Croatia

To get closer to the numerous islands off the Adriatic coast, it is recommended to rent a boat and sail through Croatia. This also applies to the dreamlike island world of Kornati.
Almost 90 islands off the Croatian coast are part of the idyllic Kornati National Park. The picturesque bays and mighty cliffs can be glimpsed from on board if you hire a boat. By renting a motorboat and drifting through Croatia, you can explore the picturesque islands with their sights individually.

Renting a boat in Croatia means maximum freedom during the beautiful holiday season!