• Adventures on the Adriatic Sea – how to rent a yacht in Croatia

    When you think of Croatia, you probably see one thing in particular in your mind’s eye: the country’s long coastline on the Adriatic Sea. The territory of the Eastern European country comprises more than 1,000 islands, which entice with picturesque beaches and many other highlights.
    To explore the Adriatic Sea around Croatia, it is a good idea to rent a yacht in Croatia – this way you are mobile and can enjoy a wonderful holiday.

    Rent a yacht in Croatia with Visnje d.o.o.

    We at Visnje d.o.o. make such a dream holiday possible for you, as we are experts when it comes to renting a yacht so you can experience Croatia first hand. Thanks to years of experience, we know which yacht is the right one for your holiday.
    You take over your charter boat in Bilice, to which mass tourism has not yet penetrated. It is a picturesque village that lies directly on a beautiful stretch of Croatian coast. No matter where, it is always a beautiful experience when you rent a yacht in Croatia, but especially in this still quite unknown place it becomes an indescribable moment, because the region offers many mooring possibilities and countless opportunities for excursions – for example, you can visit the archipelago of Ibenik. We are happy to plan individual routes and excursion destinations for you, as we know the region very well.

    The “La ONDA” – How about renting a motor yacht & exploring Croatia?

    If you want to rent a yacht in Croatia, our “La ONDA” is the best choice. When it comes to renting a motor yacht, this fully equipped model is a real stroke of luck.
    This is a yacht with three cabins, which is operated with twin engines. With 740 hp, you can really step on the gas and still enjoy wonderful comfort.
    With our “La ONDA” you are guaranteed not to go wrong if you want to take a tour with a yacht to explore Croatia and experience it more closely.

    Rent a yacht & experience Croatia – Visnje d.o.o. offers skipper seminars

    So that you can rent a yacht in Croatia – and do so without hesitation – we also offer skipper training with the motorboat.
    We offer these seminars throughout the year and in the course of this we also present our motorboat “Bavaria Deep Blue” in detail. With this practice, you will be able to steer your boat on your own in no time, so you can rent a motor yacht without hesitation and then go on great explorations in Croatia.

    Rent a yacht in Croatia & make the dream come true

    Having your own yacht – that is the dream of many German holidaymakers. With Visnje d.o.o. this becomes a reality when you rent a yacht in Croatia. This is because you can feel as if you own the yacht at all times for the duration of your trip.
    You are free to decide how long you would like to rent the yacht in Croatia. You are completely free from the moment you rent the yacht in Croatia and can decide where you want to go with your motor yacht.

    So renting a quality yacht in Croatia offers you freedom and comfort at the same time!